Documents & Files

This block provides information on the various activities organized by IASED & ObeA in the most diverse areas, in file format.

Proposed Legal Framework for Local Elections IASED Final Contribution Report 2019
Local Elections - Final Report - OBEA Contributions
Uíge - Voting Assembly Tabulation
Luanda - Voting Assembly tabulation
Huila - Voting Assembly tabulation
Huambo - Voting Assembly tabulation
Cuanza Sul - Voting Assembly tabulation
Cuando Cubango - Voting Assembly tabulation
Cabinda - Voting Assembly tabulation
Bie - Voting Assembly Tabulation
Benguela - Voting Assembly Tabulation
Bengo - Voting Assembly Tabulation
3rd Part: Counting
2nd Part: Voting
1st Part: Constitution of the Bureau
Government Formation
Announcement and Acceptance of Final Results
Election Day
Electoral Civic Education
Electoral Registration
Electoral Administration
Electoral Systems
Introduction of the ObEA National Electoral Observation Mission
Index of the Electoral Observation Report
Observation mission - General Election Observation Report
Official Launch Event of the General Report of the ObEA Election Observation Mission
Electoral observatory appeals to Angolan parties for a language of peace
ObEA Preliminary Statement - Election Day 23 August 2017
School Parliament: Engaging Angolan Youth in Democratic Development
International Conference on: The Constitutions and Stability of Democratic and Law States in Africa
Civic Education Manual
Forum on Electoral Transparency and Credibility: The Role of Civil Society and the Media
Reforço da Credibilidade Transparência Eleitoral: Angola Eleições Gerais 2017
ObEA Election Observation Statement to the General Elections of August 31, 2012 in Angola
2012 Elections: Statistics 1st part and 2nd part of Election Day Observation Form
Obea wants electoral reforms in Angola
Civil society calls for reform in Angolan electoral process
Miguel Quimbenze and Luis Jimbo, address the electoral process
Civil Society and Electoral Process
Election observers presented to the international community
Dr. Luís Jimbo – The electoral observation mission